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Welcome . . .

Poems, published and unpublished, quotations, and extracts from essays, are waiting in the corners of this little website.

They don't bite, but if they didn't have something to say, they wouldn't be allowed out. With the support of publishers (wonderful people), and a following wind, more of them will appear in print, and when I get on with it, more of them will appear here too.

The essays talk about the art and spirit of poetry and its importance, but the poems should speak for themselves, so I'll shut up now and let you have a look, so they can do just that.

The challenge:
" All has to be rebuilt from the ruined foundations of language itself, the present and the future somehow grafted onto the severed roots of the past; and how will that come about?"
Kathleen Raine, 'The use of poetry', Temenos Academy Review 7.

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