English Lake District - Scafell

Colin Moss


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Comments on a proposed collection “In search of a new language”

Peter Sansom (Smith/Doorstop) “There’s a lot to admire here”

Peter Lewis (Flambard) - “We feel that you should pursue publication since your collection is of publishable quality”.

Harry Chamberlain (Peterloo) - “These poems have the true voice of feeling, and I like the way they move (in both senses)”.

David Perman (Rockingham) “I do like your poems and especially the way they deal with nature”.

Frank Olding (Collective) “It is a strong collection and thoroughly deserves to be published”.

Comments on the poem “Seed of Time”:

Peter Levi - “The slow movement of your poem is essential to it, like breath. I was very pleased with it”.

Anne Cluysenaar (judge of Scintilla long poem competition; extract from the published adjudication) – “Seed of Time evokes, embodies, and celebrates metamorphosis, drawing together growth in language, in natural things, and in human perception. I read the sequence with surprise, exhilaration, and, finally, admiration for its risk-taking successes”.

Patricia Oxley (Acumen) - “I felt you were re-iterating some deep wisdom which poets have tapped always. It has echoes of Anglo-Saxon alliteration, of modern images, of 14th  century instincts such as the ‘reverdie’ – a re-greening of earth, and by analogy, of man. It also reads well”.

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