English Lake District - Scafell

Colin Moss


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(Just a few suggestions to think about on winter nights)

Why read

  • To experience other lives;
  • To see through the eyes and feel with the emotions of others;
  • to find a wider life than our own.

Why write

  • "because I must" (Basil Bunting,  in Strong Words, p 81)
  • "a genuine desire to say something about those large things in the world and in human nature that lie beyond our grasp." (Christopher Reid,  interview in Acumen 73 )
  • For myself, I am one of those who find some of their most profound experiences impossible to adequately describe in the received language of modern mankind. These experiences, brief as they may be, create an undertone of insistent reality in our lives, which we feel a necessity to express in our chosen form of art; in this case, poetry.

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